Witches Runes


Witches Runes consist of 13 pictogram symbols. The number 13 represents the 13 moons in a year and traditional covens with 13 members. Each Witches Rune symbol holds a message to guide and inform you and enhance your intentions in your craft or spell work. Each description includes a general perspective and keywords to consider in your interpretation.

The sun illuminates all things, casting away the shadows, as its light nourishes that it touches.
Keywords: joy, vitality, growth, new beginnings, good choices, achievement, recognition

The moon waxes and wanes in cycles which it repeats.
Within the ups and downs of this cycle, there may be a nurturing maternal energy to help guide you during this time.
Keywords: transition, mystery, illusion, imagination, dreams, secrecy

Birds in flight can travel long distances. They are free to travel where they please. Birds communicate through song, calls, squeaks, squawks, chirps, and many other sounds.
Keywords: travel (physical or spiritual), freedom, higher thought, communication, news.

The interlocked rings have an unbreakable bond. Establish meaningful connections to forge your family and community.
Keywords: connection, family, community, alchemy, alliance

Romance comes in many forms. It may be symbolic of a spiritual connection, a physical connection, or a sexual relationship.
Keywords: love, relationships, soul mate, harmony, emotional connections

The female principle and feminine energy suggest motherhood, maternal figures, and fertility. Compassionate and nurturing energy at the forefront.
Keywords: healer, receptive, nurturing, creativity, home, goddess energy

The masculine principle and energy suggest fatherhood, father figures, and planting the seed of intention. The natural defender, whether in principle or of people.
Keywords: empowerment, decisive, protection, provider, action, God energy

Harvest signifies reaping the benefits of your efforts and enjoying the rewards of your labor. Bring new projects to life by nurturing them to success by investing time and energy.
Remain grounded in realism with what can be achieved with your resources.
Keywords: abundance, prosperity, planning, education, investing in yourself

You must choose a path to continue moving forward or face getting stuck in the mud. Settle any conflicting energies, make the difficult decision you might be facing, and move in the direction you feel drawn. The trajectory of your journey is changing.
Keywords: choice, decision, change, the unknown, being stuck

The temperamental nature of waves leads to the disruption of the calm surface. Soft, gentle waves, soothing in sound, offer an opportunity to wash away that which is stagnant. Remain cautious as the next set of waves can arrive with a volatile strength capable of destruction. Wait out the storm before you make your next move, paying close attention to the energy around you.
Keywords: movement, insecurity, purity, overwhelm, spiritual world, renewal, in flow with life